The Vital Importance of Touch

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”.
Leo Buscaglia

In my wonderful conversations with my amazing and gorgeous customers, one question has often been asked of me.

‘What led you to become a massage therapist’?

Well, that ‘s easy.

To some, the idea of touching a strangers body, can elicit a sense of unease. Indeed, we are taught to keep out of each other’s zone.

Don’t invade my space: keep your distance….as though we are all little islands battling for space and recognition in an overcrowded and busy world.

But how many times has someone touched your arm as a way of saying ‘it’s ok’, or ‘I’m here if you need me’. And that gentle almost imperceptible touch, feels like 20,000 volts surging through us. It stops us in our tracks and we like, no, we LOVE it. We NEED it.

Touch is vital .

I am fascinated by the human body. It is, due to evolution, the most incredible machine. Breathing away without us trying, heart pumping day in day out for up to 100 years, eyes seeing, minds constantly processing up to 8000 thoughts a day. Walking, running, sleeping, talking, smelling, digesting sensing. We can see the results of human achievement all around us. We take it for granted, but the human machine has created the awesome (in its true sense) world in which we live out our life story.

So, before you undress and climb (or roll!) onto my couch, you lie before me, a mystery. What am I going to discover during the massage? What secrets will your beautifully designed neck and shoulder muscles reveal to me about how you are living your life? What is stress doing to you? Especially to your posture? How is your spine doing at supporting your upper body and most importantly, how can my treatment, through touch, help and free you?

It often takes a couple of treatments for both of us to become fully relaxed and truly ‘get in the groove’, and once there, we can really start to get to work. 

You see, my mission, because it truly feels like that, is to get you out of pain.  I need to understand why you are in pain; why you can’t move without restriction: why you have lived with long term health issues for so long and simply ‘put up with them’ and how we can work together to help you to regain your sense of freedom in movement, reducing stress and enhancing your natural vitality as we work.

So, the answer to the question is simple. 

The reason I became a massage therapist is because I have seen the life changing power of touch. In every treatment I see it. My customers feel it. The joy I experience in the transformation from the person coming into my clinic, to the person leaving is, for me, all I need to see.

You see for some of you, I am possibly the last resort. Your doctor has told you that you ‘just need to live with it’: ‘to get more exercise’

: ‘To change your diet’…

But we little human islands know that these are just words.

And that the effort required to do these actions are often beyond us. Our lives are busy enough. Our bodies are stressed enough. 

We do…enough.

So let me take the strain. Let me get the joy I seek from improving you.  Seeing you regain the power we all have inside. 

This is why I became a massage therapist.

So, thank you for the joy you bring me. For teaching me, with every treatment how to be better.  For letting me, through touch, help you to go back out into the madness and excel.

Keep warm and keep peace in your heart.

Bath Massage Clinic: Unlocking your vitality by moving you into complete health.

Debbie Chicken. October 2019.