How Can I Help You?

I discovered the power of Yoga whilst recovering from a serious car accident.

Now let it help you too.

How would you feel if you were free of chronic pain? Just think about it for a moment. To be more flexible in movement? To be able to cope with the daily stresses of modern living and meet life head on?

Well, I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I am quite confident that I can help you achieve all these goals. So read on………….

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, also known as remedial massage, uses a combination of massage and advanced bodywork techniques to treat injuries, soft tissue damage and muscular problems, giving the recipient relief from muscle pain, thereby improving posture, assisting with healing and helping with relaxation.

Many pain conditions come about as a result of problems with the soft tissue in the body. For example, when muscles become tight and stiff, causing pain and restriction of joint movement.

My intention as a Clinical Massage therapist is to restore the body to a natural, pain free state. Lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and frozen shoulder are just a few of the common ailments that massage can help.

The intended outcome that I work towards is that pain is reduced or eliminated and that range of movement is enhanced. This, in turn, increases flexibility and decreases stress, both physical and mental. Through an initial consultation, I acquire a ‘picture’ of who you are, how you use your body and what stressors may exist for you. Positive results are generally achieved within 3 to 6 sessions, with the number of sessions varying depending on the severity of the injury being treated.

My training encompasses many techniques or protocols and includes the following; Hot stones,  myofascial release, Trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, stretching and Thai Massage. These techniques work holistically to ensure that your pain free goals get met, and by focusing on outcome orientated therapy, this translates as you getting the result you  need in a way that is economical in both time and money.

Restorative Yoga (individual or groups)

Having taught successfully in the Brighton area for 10 years, I am delighted to be able to offer my unique style of teaching here in Falmouth.

For clients receiving therapeutic massage; I design a routine of simple, gentle stretches to aid your personal recovery, targeted to work exactly those areas that need attention. This speeds up and enhances my work in clinic.

Yoga classes for non-clients: Restorative says it all! My classes are small; ideally 4 or less people, great fun and very relaxing. Leave the world behind as I help you stretch and strengthen your body, assisting each individual to obtain the best from the session, beginner or experienced practitioner alike.

It’s not surprising that some past students have mentioned ‘floating’ home afterwards.

One to one’s also available at £55 per session. Group classes £10 per person.

Thai Yoga Massage

With its roots in Buddhism, traditionally practiced by temple monks, Thai Yoga Massage is the physical application of Metta or ‘loving kindness’.

Combining passive (I do the work) Yoga stretches, with acupressure, reflexology, massage and deep relaxation techniques, the recipient feels energized and renewed after each session.

Known throughout the world for improving flexibility, reducing stress and for balancing the body’s nervous system, Thai Yoga Massage has an astonishing ability to retune the body, mind and spirit. So, why wait!

The massage takes place on a Futon on the floor and the client remains clothed (please wear loose, comfortable clothing) and I recommend that you do not consume a large meal within the 2 hours prior to the session. No previous knowledge of Yoga is required.

Thai Yoga Massage is £65 for 60 minutes or £85 for 90 minutes.

What you should expect

In the treatment of my patients, I employ a variety of protocols, depending on the specific needs of the individual.

Through thorough initial consultation, I acquire a ‘picture’ of who you are, how you use your body and what stressors may exist for you.

I then tailor my massage to include the use of stretching, myofascial release, acupressure, trigger point and soft tissue release techniques. This combination is designed to help relieve tension and pain and to improve range of motion.

As mentioned, I then design a personal plan of gentle yoga stretches to practice at home. These do not take up much valuable time but will complement my treatments, assisting with recovery time.

My Training & Education

  • ACMT Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Low Back Pain
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Neck and Upper Shoulder Pain
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Shoulder Girdle Pain
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Carpal Tunnel Wrist and RSI Pain
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Hip and Pelvis Pain
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Leg Knee and Foot Pain
  • Advanced Sport Stretching Living Anatomy
  • Advanced Clinical Massage for Ribs, Abdomen and Thorax
  • Thai Yoga Massage, Sussex School of Thai Yoga massage
  • Yoga Teaching Diploma British Wheel of Yoga

What is the Jing Institute?

In this episode of Jing TV! Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather look at the difference between an advanced clinical massage therapist, a sports massage therapist, remedial massage, a holistic massage therapist.

If you are creating outcome based treatments, taking the whole person into account – including the emotional/social state of the person, using east meets west techniques, and addressing chronic pain pathologies – then we think you are an advanced clinical therapist!

“I have had the pleasure of attending Debbie’s yoga classes in Brighton and can honestly say they have changed my life. Not only is Debs an excellent teacher but also she gives so much in her classes. She will be very much missed here.”

Victoria C.

“My massage with Debbie was fantastic. She’s warm, friendly and very relaxed. The whole atmosphere was calm and serene. And the massage itself was blissful. She was totally engaged and my body felt totally renewed by the end.”

Matt A.

“Lovely Yoga classes, known Debs for years and her yoga classes are sublime.”

Kelly B.

“Thai massage by Debbie Chicken was excellent, relaxing and restorative- recommended!”

Duncan T.

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