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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my first visit include?

The first session starts with a 30-minute consultation, to assess your posture and range of movement. Please bring a pair of shorts with you and ladies, wear a sports bra or crop top. I will go through a health questionnaire with you, and ask you questions about your pain.
All of the information that you give me is treated with the utmost discretion. It is my legal obligation not to share your personal information.

I am not very flexible can I do Yoga?

Yoga is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter where you begin, yoga is for everyone. Because my classes are small (typically three or four people), you get lots of individual attention. It’s also a good idea to come to me, initially, for a private session. That way, I can see where you need help.

Are you insured?

I am insured and I regularly update my knowledge through certified courses, to keep up to date. I am passionate about what I do and love to discover anything new in the world of massage.

How long before I feel the benefits of Yoga?

It takes a few sessions to start to feel the amazing benefits of Yoga practice but initially, you may get disheartened as more experienced practitioners seem to be able to do things that you can’t, and vice versa.
Don’t get disheartened; it’s not what Yoga is about. Yoga is not just the poses, it’s also about learning how to use your breath to connect to movement, which in turns stills the mind.
Yoga is simply about connecting your body, mind and spirit to help you to be a calmer and more focused person. The flexibility is a by-product of practicing the exercises (yoga asanas).

For Thai Yoga, do I need to be able to do yoga?

No, I move your body into the stretches; you do nothing but experience the deeply blissful effects of the massage process.

How can I pay for my appointment?

I take cash payments only please. I hold some change but the correct payment is easier.

What does a Clinical Massage feel like?

I will use various techniques throughout your treatment. To begin with I will use Amma, which is an Eastern way of assessing and treating the body. This feels like light to firm pressure, through the drapes, to find any areas of tightness and immobility.

Then, I will undrape the area of your body to be treated, to apply heat via hot stones. I use myofascial techniques next, which feels like your tissues are being gently stretched. I then apply wax to my hands and forearms to warm up the muscles with long strokes working specifically on the area of your body that is the problem, finding and treating trigger points (muscles knots or sore spots). This is where you communicate to me about the pain and if it is felt anywhere else.

Afterwards, Swedish massage strokes are applied, to help smooth out the tightness.
Stretches are done to the muscles that I have worked on. I finish the massage with hands on energy work to rebalance your nervous system and calm the body.

Once dressed, I will go through any stretches that I think you will need to practice at home. These will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your treatment.

What to expect following treatment?

Normally, clients feel like their muscles have had a workout, or stretch. You might feel a little achy, similar to completion of a gym session, as well as quite tired. It’s a good idea not to plan on doing anything too physical straight after your massage. Drink plenty of water and take it easy, if possible.

Will I be covered during my massage?

After our initial consultation at the beginning of your treatment, I will then leave the room. You get undressed, but leave on your underwear, and get underneath the drapes on the couch.
You will be draped with large covers to protect your modesty. I only uncover the area that I am working on.

Should I talk during a massage therapy treatment?

Generally I would recommend that you don’t, unless I am asking you about pressure and if I need to adjust that. You get more out of the massage if you simply relax and it helps if you just enjoy the process and take time out for yourself.

Of course, if you want to chat, that’s fine too.

What shall I wear for Yoga?

Loose comfortable clothes. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new Yoga gear, sweat pants and a tee shirt or loose top is fine. Please also have an extra layer of warm clothing for relaxation at the end, although I do provide blankets.

What do I wear for Thai Yoga?

Loose, comfortable clothes, preferably a long sleeved top and loose leggings or tracksuit bottoms. The massage takes place on a futon mattress on the floor. I don’t use any wax/oil for this massage.

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